How to overcome your fear of the dentist By Dr Agravat Dental Spa

India’s Best Dr Agravat World Class Dental Spa since 1999.


India's Best Dr Agravat World Class Dental Spa Ahmedabad

Millions of people fail to get necessary dental care treatment because they’re afraid to go to the dentist, nervous, very stressed and worried about the treatment, so Dr Bharat Agravat has grown to be a very popular way of eliminating the stress and anxiety associated with a visit to the dentist.

Welcome to India’s first Dr Agravat’s world class Dental Spa Clinic in Ahmedabad. Gujarat, India. Founded by award winner experienced cosmetic implant dentist Dr. Bharat Agravat practicing since 1999 & award winner Ayurveda physician Dr Harsha Agravat she is also practicing since 1999,  to alter the attitudes of fearful patients by providing a unique experience focused on top quality dental care, exceptional customer service, personal touch and pampering.

Our complimentary spa services are designed to help patients feel more relaxed and comfortable and be an extension of the high quality care we provide

It is a popular modern dental clinic popular with local & dental tourist with best dental tourism package Spa facilities like, virtual 3D glasses, aromatherapy, back massage in the dental chair  and more…

At The Dr Agravat Spa Clinic combine the highest level of state of the art technology with the most relaxing ambiance where You will be welcomed warmly by our friendly team of qualified & experienced doctors. The soothing aroma of the essential oils, the soft serene 5.1 surround sound Dolby music and LCD TV will touch your senses and will help elevate you from the anxiety and fear that we all have before any dental treatment procedures.

At the Dr Agravat dental clinic Spa comprehensive treatment plans are prepared and customized for each patient with digital RVG x-rays and computerized photo profiles with education. Use technology & processes that maintain a high standard of quality & sterilization.

The Dr Agravat Dental Spa is the best dental center for the dental treatment in Ahmedabad, India. You can get the best treatment for Dental Implants, Smile Makeover, Rejuvenation, Dental Whitening, Pain Treatment, Dermatology, Anti Aging, Non Surgical Facelift, Laser Hair Removal, single visit root canal, Dental Crowns, Dental Bridge, Veneers at Dr Agravat Dental Spa.

Dr Agravat Dental spa center in Ahmedabad, India offers complimentary yoga session with dental spa treatment.

Call for a free quote on +919825763666   or book an appointment.

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