Same Day Fix Teeth

Are you unhappy with your lost, missing teeth or denture? Have missing teeth that you’d like to replace teeth?

Afraid of getting dental implants because of …
  • Pain,
  • Recovery healing time,
  • Major surgical procedure involved?

Dr Agravat Dental Clinic Ahmedabad help you, we using a high-tech digital procedure to give you painless and hassle-free same-day dental implants and a beautiful gorgeous smile once again!

Same day teeth procedure can be utilize for

1)      Single tooth replacement,

2)      Multiple tooth replacement,

3)      Complete mouth reconstruction.

Ask Dr Agravat Dental Clinic Ahmedabad about latest, virtually painless same day teeth implants!

Same Day Dental Implants are Possible, at Dr Agravat Dental Clinic Ahmedabad India. You will undergo an examination of your teeth and gums followed by x-rays and a CT scan if necessary. A cutting-edge solution to the lengthy healing time and painful side effects of normal teeth replacement procedures With 3 D computer guided and accurate treatment planning. We can send you home with a complete set of dental implants in about an hour. Good thing you may even be able to eat on your new teeth that very same day!

What is the benefit of same day teeth at Dr Agravat Dental Clinic Ahmedabad

In Normal dental implant procedures require multiple visits to the dentist clinic for measurements, drilling, and surgeries over several months, and can result in a great deal of pain as sutures heal. Pain from ill-fitting loose dentures leads to problems in chewing food.

Now, we can accomplish the same procedure in a portion of that time.

  • Single day procedure and Less surgical time
    • Sutures aren’t needed results in considerably shorter healing time
    • Precision implant placement and feel confident and self-assured
    • Predictable and efficient technique with Very little pain and discomfort
    • No need for bone grafts replacement teeth can be fitted in the same session
    • Cheaper and faster than conventional forms of treatment
 Requirements for Same day teeth candidate
  • Candidate for same day teeth do need to have all teeth extractions
  • Bone grafting done prior to the procedure If require
  • Must have sufficient bone quantity and quality to support the dental prosthesis.
 How do same day dental implants work?
  • Our dental clinic Ahmedabad utilizes innovative technology from Sweden’s Nobel Biocare, a world leader in dental implant technology.
  • Our implant dentists will use 3-D scans along with virtual reality software to create a precisely accurate representation of your jaw Bone.
  • They will then construct a template to guide them during the actual procedure.
  • The permanent acrylic bridges with titanium framework can be fitted with either acrylic material or porcelain teeth.
  • Since your same day teeth implants are created ahead of time using a CT scan, all you need to do is come in and have your new teeth fitted. It takes only an hour!
 Thanks to Computer guided surgery, Same Day Teeth offers at Dr Agravat Implant Dental Clinic Ahmedabad  :
  • Immediate and fully functioning set of beautiful teeth with a fantastic new smile in just one day.
  • Most importantly self-confidence in your beautiful smile
  • Long-lasting, non-removable teeth in just one day.
  • Provides long-term comfort
  • No need to wear a complete denture. Be free of denture discomfort, embarrassment and no more denture adhesives
  • Restores functionality and the ability to eat your favorite’s foods and experience a more varied diet by comparison to a complete denture.
  • Improves the facial asymmetry by preventing your cheeks from sagging.
  • Lasts up to a lifetime warranty on dental implant
Dr Agravat Dental Clinic Ahmedabad Same Day Teeth Patient’s response

“I was really frustrated with my ill-fitting denture, but thanks to “same day teeth procedure” done at dr agravat dental clinic Ahmedabad, gujarat, I got implant and new teeth in one day!”


Call +919825763666 for Implant Dental Clinic Ahmedabad, today to speak to one of our dental specialists about Same Day Teeth, the exciting and high tech new solution for teeth replacement and same day dental implants offered by computer guided surgery!



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  1. G T SREESHA says:

    Respected Doctor

    I am Sreesha from Bangalore. I am 54years of age Male, I went through you Website and was very hopeful that my problem will be resolved.

    I had severe swollen Gums because of which I had lost few teeth in the lower Jaw (hardly 4 teeth left)but wearing removable dentures in the front to hide the gap. At the upper Jaw one or two teeth were lost.

    Since I work for a Nationalised Bank, I feel very uncomfortable while talking to customers as the removable dentures comes out and also not able to eat food properly. I avoid going out to family functions etc because of this.
    Kindly help me Respected Doctor to bring back my smile again. Please let me know the cost of of the treatment.

    On hearing from you i will plan accordingly Doctor.

    Thanks & Regards


  2. G T SREESHA says:

    Kindly reciprocate to my query earler

    Thanks & Regards


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