Teeth in an hour at Dr Agravat Dental Clinic Ahmedabad

Teeth-In-An-Hour™ or Teeth-in-a-Day is a modern concept by Nobel Biocare. Dr Agravat Dental implants clinic Ahmedabad providing patients with fully functioning teeth on dental implants in one single procedure that takes about an hour.

How do Teeth in an Hour procedure work?

Using a high-tech 3-D scan of your jaw bone structure and 3-D computer imaging digital technology, the accurate placement of the implant abutments is planned out by our dental implant dentist.

Then highly esthetic fixed dental bridge is fabricated before the small incision-free surgical procedure is performed.

Before your appointment, Dr Agravat Dental clinic highly skilled Dental Implant Dentist Ahmedabad will plan a specific surgical guide. During your appointment, they will place the implant bridge in a specific position for most favorable esthetics and function. Because the implants fit exactly into the surgical sites created for them, there is no healing time necessary for the bone to fill in around them, and this is why you can function immediately! Since so much time and effort is spent by our dental implant dentist in the planning phase and it is so accurate the actual surgical appointment goes quite quickly.

  • Patient has to sit on the dental chair for an hour only
  • Suture less surgical procedure
  • Surgery takes about less than1 hour
  • Highly accurate procedure
  • Absolutely painless
  • Negligible swelling
  • Can return to work at same day
  • Affordable Cost effective
  • Final teeth crown or bridge are highly esthetic
  • Can be done for the upper or lower jaw in the same day!
  • Immediate functioning of your dental implant
Step by step procedure in the Teeth in an Hour at Dr Agravat Dental Clinic Ahmedabad.
  • first Consultation

Discussion and planning of the aesthetics of your bridge or denture need to be demonstrated. Also 3-D scan is performed to gather digital information about your jaw bone for final treatment plan.

  • In The Dental Laboratory

The digital image information gathered from the scan is processed by a special software program to create a 3-D virtual model of your jawbone and your removable dental hybrid bridge.

  • Final Visit at implant clinic

Once your hybrid bridge is made-up, you come back for a one hour incision-free surgery to safe your new beautiful teeth just local anesthesia is needed to numb. Dental Implant Bridge is fixed and is used as your absolute permanent bridge.

A surgical guided plate like to a night guard is placed over procedure site. Pins are used to stabilize the guide plate in the proper location. Computer guided Drill sleeves are used to accurately guide the implants into the jaw bone in the exact position where the teeth are considered to be. Dental bridge is placed over the Titanium screws implants and hold the prosthesis in place.

  • The Teeth-in-an-Hour procedure

Procedure is Safe and fast, allowing you to leave with same day beautiful teeth. Your implants perform similar to natural teeth and help prevent bone loss, allowing your jaw bone to become stronger and denser.

 The end result of Teeth in an hour for you:
  • Absolutely painless during the treatment.
  • Immediate function of your teeth an hour dental implants.
  • Totally painless post-operative healing period.
    • An extremely esthetic and functional result for the reason that of the careful preparation.
Teeth in an hour at Dr Agravat Dental Clinic Ahmedabad Patient’s response

“I never thinking at the age of 54, I would have all my teeth removed and wear dentures. With Teeth in an Hour, I was able to smile again with my new teeth.”

If you would like to learn how you can achieve beautiful teeth in an hour, schedule your appointment with Dr Agravat Dental Implant Ahmedabad today Call +919825763666, to speak to one of our dental specialists about Teeth in an hour, the exciting and high tech new solution for teeth replacement and same day dental implants offered by computer guided surgery!



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