Invisible Braces for Adult

Can adults wear braces? It’s never too late to perfect your beautiful smile. An innovative arrangement of accepted orthodontic procedures, Latest advance materials, and innovative believed – Cosmetic dentist Bharat Agravat utilizes specialized invisible braces to gently straighten and align teeth in a regular time of just six months called six month smile. Are you […]

Get Your Wedding Smile Makeover

Beautiful Wedding Smiles! Perfect Teeth for the Perfect Bride on your Perfect Wedding Nothing is more gorgeous than a lovely bride. If you are serious about looking your absolute best on your marriage day and having your beautiful celebrity smile ever, good dentist India Dr Bharat Agravat are here to help! For the first time […]

Smile Makeover by One Touch Smile

Now Beautiful Celebrity Smile at your finger tipsEnhance your Smile & Straighten your Teeth Appearance….                   ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Laser teeth whitening in 30 minutes and Enjoy with luxurious tent 3 days stay at Kutch Rann Utsav Gujarat, India

You want a beautiful Celebrity smile but don’t want to wait 21 days. Dr Agravat Dental Tourism offers a 7 Day Smile Makeover that delivers your final smile in just 7 days! And Enjoy with luxurious tent stay at Kutch Rann Utsav, Bhuj, Gujarat, India. Rann Utsav Starts from 14th December 2013 to 18th March […]

International Patients Offer

“At Dr Agravat Dental Clinic Ahmedabad, you are not just a Dental Patient, you are our Delegate” Dr.Bharat Agravat International Dental Center Excellence in Dentistry (BAIDC) BAIDC is a dedicated center specializing in the field of dentistry. Dr Bharat Agravat has control checks set to ensure international and high sterilizations standards are met. Each year, […]

Dental implants Cost from $ 500 Ahmedabad Dental Implant Centre

Single tooth replacement by Dental Implants costs start from only $ 500 Book Online Appointment   for a FREE initial consultation Have you just missed our last offer? Dr Agravat Dental Clinic Ahmedabad Dental Implant offer Dental Implant + Crown for Complete Tooth Replacement start from $ 600 All Inclusive with Crown – No extra […]

Single Visit Root Canal

What Is Single visit Root Canal Therapy? This Single visit Root Canal treatment is done to avoid multiple injections & visits, thus reducing the patient FEAR.  Single sitting root canal treatment is a new advance in dentistry, which has made root canal treatment absolutely painless. Extremely comfortable & less time consuming. At Dr Agravat Dental […]

Whiten your yellow teeth only 9000/- INR

in a 30 minute procedure Dr Agravat Dental clinic Ahmedabad. How to eliminate general ageing yellow, tobacco and smoking stained teeth. Within 30 minutes you can get your teeth dramatically whiter with a pain free, safe by “Laser” teeth whitening treatment at our Teeth Whitening clinic in Ahmedabad. Teeth whitening is absolutely favored and also […]