Single Visit Root Canal

What Is Single visit Root Canal Therapy?

  • This Single visit Root Canal treatment is done to avoid multiple injections & visits, thus reducing the patient FEAR.
  •  Single sitting root canal treatment is a new advance in dentistry, which has made root canal treatment absolutely painless.
  • Extremely comfortable & less time consuming.

At Dr Agravat Dental Clinic we perform the entire root canal treatment in a single sitting with computerized latest digital technology x-ray, protaper endo hand piece, apex pulp locater and that too with an antibiotic coverage for about 2-3 days depending on the type of decay and oral hygiene of the patient.

Why Root Canal Treatment at Dr. Agravat Dental Clinic?

  • Previously, rct was considered to be painful. But now days, with revolutionary changes in concepts, it is considered as a routine & painless procedure and done only one visit.
  • Generally completed in a single sitting of 1 to 2 hour. Multiples root canals can be performed in a single sitting.
  • All single sitting root canals are done in our clinic by Dr Bharat Agravat is 15 years Experienced and Award Winning Cosmetic Implant Dentist in India. He use Computer guided technique & state of art high tech equipments like rotary endodontics, protaper system, Apex locator , radiovisuography (RVG)
  • Performed under sterilization protocol with ultramodern computerized latest digital technology x-ray, protaper endo hand piece, apex pulp locater.

Single sitting Root Canal Indications

  • Patient is in much pain and the swelling.
  • Dental caries is moving towards the nerves of the mouth.
  • An injury has occurred in the teeth and it is at exposure to the nerve.
  • A severe sensitivity of the teeth is making it impossible for the patient to consume hot or cold liquid and even food items.
  • Acute infection with no pus accumulation in & around the tooth.
  • Non- Vital Tooth.
  • Previous accidental traumatized history, particular front teeth.

Above condition root canal treatment can be possible in a single sitting

Advantages of single sitting root canal procedure

  • Absolutely painless procedure.
  • Reducing the patient anxiety,
  • Less traumatic for the patient
  • Less time consuming.
  • Avoid multiple injections
  •  Avoid multiple visits.
  • Affordable and Cost Effective.

Root Canal Treatment Frequently Ask Question.

Q: What is root canal treatment?

A: Root canal treatment (RCT) is the procedure to remove infected tooth’s Dental soft tissue like Dental pulp includes nerve and blood vessels which is present in the center of the tooth. After removing the infected dental pulp the canal is bio-mechanically prepared with a dental file to shape and clean the canals of root. After that the canal is filled with the gutta percha material and sealed.

Q: Why root canal treatment requires?

A: Root canal treatment is done to preserve the tooth which is infected due to deep caries, fractured tooth, a tooth with periapical abscess, attrited tooth, traumatic injury. With this treatment the tooth remains in the oral cavity for its function. RCT procedure is required to save a tooth which would otherwise go to loss of the tooth.

Q: What happens if Root Canal is not done?

A: If root canal treatment is not done then the infection increases, which will spread out at the tip of the root which causes abscess. If not treated then the infection spread out to the surrounding bone and makes a sinus outside the alveolar bone for drainage of the pus.

Q: What causes pulp to damage?

A: A pulp is damaged by tooth decay, traumatic injury, a chronic attrited teeth, erosion of tooth, a secondary infection due to periodontal / gum disease.

Q: Any other alternative then RCT?
A: Except rct there is no other alternative to save a damaged tooth, last option is removal of tooth.

Q: Time taken for RCT procedure?

A: RCT is a painless procedure carried out under local anesthesia. Generally single sitting root canal treatment requires a 30-45 minutes depending on the tooth. The traditional old method rct requires a 2 – 3 sittings of half an hour.

Q: Is there complications or risks present with root canal treatment?

A: There are no risk and complication associated with Root canal treatment(rct).

Q: How many visits required for root canal treatment?

A: Generally it is carried out in a single visit if there are infection present then it may require 2-3 visits.

Q: Root canal treatment procedure painful?

A: Root Canal Treatment is a totally painless procedure perform under the effect of local anesthesia. Some patient may feel a mild sense which is controlled by medicine.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure

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